Fazackerley Design

3D modelling is possible using a combination of state of the art software.
This software enables the production of photo realistic renderings or "walk-throughs" to create a virtual look and feel of the design before it is built, with actual colours, materials, furniture and layout.
A model can be developed to produce any external view of the building with the ability to "spin" the building to enable total visualization before construction.

Additionally, 3D overhead  views can be developed (without roof) which provides a very effective method of space planning to help determine room size, traffic flow and material and furniture arrangement and selection.

Sun angles, by season and time of day can be defined to cast shadows for renderings, thereby providing an invaluable designing tool for energy efficiency and living comfort.

Individual rooms, e.g.  kitchens, bathrooms can be modeled in more detail to provide a complete picture and layout of the finished product.