Fazackerley Design

The Design Process:
1. Initial meeting:
  To discuss ideas, requirements, likes/dislikes, materials, styles, budgets and costs. Any sketches, pictures and information that helps convey the clients requirements are invaluable at this stage.
2. Site meeting:
  At this point we look at siting of the proposed building taking into account views, privacy, council set-backs, height restrictions etc, energy efficiency (siting for solar gain and shading, prevailing winds etc), access to building and use of available land.
3. After the initial site meeting, a survey plan (mapping of boundaries and land contours) is required and then concept sketches, initial renders and floor plans are produced. 
4. From the initial sketches, and after discussion and further design work, plans are produced to satisfy council planning requirements.
Once a planning permit has been issued, then a soil report and waste water system design (if required) is commissioned.
5. The final stage is to produce plans detailing stuctural design, plumbing design, and obtain a "certificate of likely compliance" from a registered building surveyor.
These completed plans and certificates are then processed by council and building  and plumbing permits are issued.